NO PARTIES for 2020


Pool Closed

See you summer 2021

Nothing to book at the moment

The Pool

Swim Lessons

Sorry Folks!!

Swim Lessons have been Canceled!!  

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Party Rentals/Late Dues

Members Only may rent the party area for the pool. 

Just click on the "Reserve Now" to book your party online today, Be sure to  click on "Party Rental Form" print it, fill it out and turn it in to the working lifeguard on the day of your party.

No Parties for 2020


2020 Summer Schedule


Full summer program starts 

JULY 27,2020 12pm-8pm

7 days a week with Reservation only through (Click above link)

1 Family per hour


Fridays: August 21st-September 4th 4pm - 8pm

Labor Day Monday September 7th 12pm-8pm


Weekends: September 11th-September 27th

FRIDAYS - 4pm-8pm

SATURDAYS - 12pm-8pm

SUNDAYS 12pm-8pm


Monday July 27th - August 20th 12pm-8pm


Dear Members of Brighton Square Improvement Association,

We are excited to announce that the pool is opening effective July 9th on a trial basis with limited hours until July 20 after the Board has received the results on the Homeowners’ Survey. 


The pool will be open Thursdays through Sundays from 12-6 on a reservation basis with a limit of one family per reservation time slot.  This restriction is based on the guidance from the county around opening outdoor pools with social distancing guidelines in place.  The directive from the county is also included in this mailer. Please read on for additional information about the pool opening.

A. Important Homeowners’ Survey

 1. Why do we do the survey?

 The board is currently gauging what interest members have in actually using the pool and by having members respond to the survey we will be better informed about making a decision regarding keeping the pool open after 7/20.  Your two options are:


1. Keep the pool open for the remainder of the season


2. Close the pool for the remainder of the season.


If more than 50 members of the association vote to keep the pool open for the rest of the summer then the pool will remain open, if fewer than 50 members vote to keep the pool open then the pool will close for the remainder of the summer.  Please indicate your vote by emailing no later than the end of the day on Sunday, July 19, 2020 to Tammy at  Based on results of the survey and what pool usage looks like the board will also consider expanding the hours that the pool is open for.  Please indicate your name and address in your email.    Only 1 vote per address is allowed.



B. Rules for Using the Pool

These rules are based on the directives of the county health department.

What do I need to do in order to swim?

First step is you must make a reservation on our Signupgenius site by clicking


 There is no one allowed into the pool without signing up ahead of time.  

  • You will need to provide your family name, address, and the names of all people that will be swimming.  We are required to track all people who are using the pool and the social distancing guard will check off names when your party arrives.  If a person is not on the list then they will not be allowed in.  

  • Only homeowners who are current with their association dues are eligible for making pool reservations.

  • Only members of the same household may use the pool.  No guests are allowed.

  • Only 1 family may reserve a swim time slot at one time.

  • No more than 9 people may swim in the pool at any given time.

  • When submitting your reservation, the adult responsible for the reservation will sign a waiver for using the pool

  • The responsible adult must show ID when entering the pool area

  • All parties are required to have at least one person over the age of 18 who lives within the association's boundaries, and who will stay with their party at all times.

  • There will be no lifeguards on duty at the pool this summer. All pool users will be responsible and be liable for their use of the pool.

  • Adult pool users will be responsible for supervising the children in their party.

  • Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis

 2.    What do I do when I arrive?

  • A social distancing guard will be in charge of the use of the pool.

  • When you make a reservation the time slots start on the hour and the swim session lasts for 45 minutes.  For example, if you book the 3-4 time slot then your swim time will be from 3-3:45, you will then be asked to exit the pool and exit the pool area as quickly as possible.  This is to give the social distancing guard a chance to sanitize any areas of the pool that need to be sanitized and cut down on any accidental overlap between parties.  The swim time ends promptly at 45 past the hour, so if you are late then that will cut into your swimming time.  

  • When you arrive at the pool please wait outside the gate for the social distancing guard to let you in.  We ask that you do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled time slot.  You are required to wear a mask in order to enter the pool area and whenever you are not swimming, unless you cannot wear a mask due to a medical reason with a doctor’s note, or for any child under the age of 2. If you have a medical reason for not wearing a mask please make a note when making your reservation.

  • The social distancing guard will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer when you arrive.  You will also be asked if you have had any shortness of breath, fever, cough, or general ill health over the last couple of days.

  • If any member of your party has a temperature over 100.4 then you will be denied entry and asked not to return to the pool for a period of 14 days. Please do not come to the pool if you have been feeling sick in the past 72 hours.

  • You will be asked to use hand sanitizer that is provided at the gate when you enter and exit the pool area.  

  • Once you have entered the pool grounds you can immediately begin swimming but as soon as all members of your party have exited the pool your party will need to leave the pool area. There is no hanging out on the pool deck unless you are supervising a member of your swim party.

  • There will be no tables and chairs so you will need to bring your own

  • You are also encouraged to bring your own cleaning and sanitizing items when you use the pool.

  • The bathrooms will be closed in order to cut down on any potential contamination.

  • If a member of your party needs to use the restroom you may leave to go home to use the restroom and return to the pool if there is still time remaining in your time slot, there is no extension of time for leaving to use the restroom.

  • There are no in and out privileges except for cases of needing to return home to use the restroom.


3.  Reservations

  • Since the pool is opening with limited hours with a reservation system we ask that families limit themselves to no more than 2 time slots per week.  Please keep in mind that we are all part of the same community and be respectful to other members of the community who also want to use the pool

  • If we see that people are booking more than two time slots per week then a board member will reach out to you and remove any extra time slots from the calendar.

  • This restriction may be lifted if there is low usage of the pool and there are a number of empty time slots.

  • Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance.  All members of your swim party must be individuals who are residing in the same home and you will need to confirm this when making your reservation.  

4.    Conduct while at the pool

  • Since the pool is being opened on such a limited basis there is a zero tolerance policy for not following the rules or for disrespectful behavior.

  • If you are unwilling to follow the rules stated above for entering, exiting, and being at the pool area then you will be asked to not return to the pool during this 2020 swim season.

  • Additionally, if the social distancing guard asks you to stop a behavior and you do not stop, you will be asked to not return to the pool for the remainder of the summer.  

If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to reach out to Tammy at  Additionally if you would like to donate any unopened cleaning supplies, Clorox wipes, etc, the association would happily accept them.  Lastly, please make sure to vote as soon as possible regarding whether or not the pool should remain open.  If we do not hear from at least 50 homeowners that they want to keep the pool open then we will be forced to close the pool for the remainder of the season.



ADDRESS: 2459 Parquet Court, San Jose, CA 95124

Sorry, there are no more swim lessons at this pool. 

Management Company

Common Interest Management

408.370.9902 (after-hours- 408.850.8573)

Tammy Ruelas- Property manager

Brighton Square Improvement Association was formed in 1964 as a private HOA.  There are 175 homes in the area that are members.  We are not able to accept new members or relinquish an existing membership due to the way the HOA was originally set up.  We've looked into changing this structure as we've had numerous requests to join the pool, but it would require numerous legal and property changes so we have tabled that discussion indefinitely.  

BSIA has a great management team. If you have any questions or issues regarding the pool or your membership please contact Tammy.   Please remember that the board members are all unpaid volunteers, donating their time to better the community and making the pool a fun and a safe place to swim.  If you have major concerns or ideas for the pool, please come to the meetings and make your voice heard at the appropriate time.  Thank you kindly. 

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