Be a Lifeguard at the Brighton Square Pool

The Brighton Square Pool is a private neighborhood pool located off Leigh and Curter in the Cambrian area of San Jose. Our homeowner’s association is looking for certified lifeguards for the up coming pool season.


We typically open the pool Memorial Day weekend and close it on the last Sunday in September.


We’re looking for Lifeguards with the ability to work flexible shifts throughout the summer, though we’re willing to make exceptions for school-related obligations. The ideal candidate will have excellent skills in the water, be responsible and reliable, friendly, and approachable.


Starting pay is $16.40 an hour.

Job Description 

  • Open the pool each day and close it each evening, depending on schedule and hours.

  • Treat the pool with appropriate concentration of chemicals if needed.

  • Monitor pool-related activities closely throughout shift and identify any safety issues.

  • Direct swimmers out of the pool in hazardous conditions.

  • Monitor weather reports closely to ensure safety of guests.

  • Oversee pool parties.

  • Maintain a clean environment in and around the pool and bathrooms.

  • Provide assistance to patrons when appropriate or necessary.