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Brighton Square Improvement Association

Brighton Square Improvement Association was formed in 1964 as a private homeowners association. The association includes 175 homes in the immediate area. The original structure of the HOA prevents the Association from accepting new members or relinquishing existing memberships to homeowners or parties outside the Brighton Square Improvement Association boundaries. Over the years, we have looked into changing this structure and have found that it would require substantial legal fees and property changes. As a result, the BSIA Board of Directors has opted to table the discussion indefinitely.  

For questions or concerns regarding the pool or your membership please contact Common Interest Management.


Please remember that BSIA board members are unpaid volunteers, who are donating their time to better the community and make the pool a fun, safe place to swim. If you have major concerns or ideas for the pool, please join one of our quarterly meetings to share your thoughts and make your voice heard at the appropriate time. Thank you kindly. 

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